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I had hail damage to my house, my insurance company sent out Donan Engineering Co. They said I didn't have damage, took pictures so far away you could barly tell it was my house.

My four different contractors have told me that I have damage. But because of the report from Donan my insurance is not paying for replacement of my roof. I later find out that Donan works with the insurance company to not pay out claims. How is this legal?

I have contacted my attorney to see if I can take any action.

Oh and ya my insurance company has since then dropped me because of the claim. Thanks Donan

Monetary Loss: $8000.

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Shelby, North Carolina, United States #1203384

You aren't serious? YES they work for the Insurance Company as that's who paid them to provide them with an independent opinion of whatever your issue is.

If you disagree with them then hire your own engineer to dispute the claim.

It's your responsibility under your policy to "prove" your claim!

Insurance companies process thousands of claims a day. You really think someone has time to pull yours out and figure out a way not to pay you?

Sorry but no one has that kind of time.

Their routinely hire outside adjusters, engineers and other experts to help them gather the facts that they need to pay or deny a claim.

If you feel your claim was handled improperly then hire counsel and they will engage a consulting engineer or licensed contractor or other expert if necessary to help you resolve your issue.

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