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i looked them up.... Glenn Seija.....not a licensed engineer in ANY state!!!

He runs the engineering department,,,,,hmmmm. Says he was..."General Manager at MMAGS Automotive Products" on their website........i googled it and found no such company.... So how can you trust an engineering company run by an unlicensed engineer? Couldn't pass the PE exam?

It sounds like these guys are more concerned with flying toy helicopters.....their reports are boilerplate and easily disputed in court.

Mr, Sieja has decimated the ranks with very few experienced engineers left..... So if these guys tnspect your roof or like i did and hire an attorney or public adjuster,,,,,,, Donan "Engineering" is a total joke,.....

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Okay I've read the BS on great Donan is.....really? Well Lyle i know of 3 of your employees that have contacted me this week alone.....more all the time.....theyve had enough and are how great can the environment at Donan be?

What are the Donan statistics for employee turnover the last few years??? So Donan is dumb enough to give these guys training and experience while treating them like sh#t? The leave and work for a competetor? (your non-compete is wasted paper btw) now Donan hires some inexperienced guy off the street....

who will quit in a year or two and go to Rimkus or Haag...... I'm sorry but it seems like an idiotic business plan.....


Nice write up.....i'm on the insurance side.....used to use you guys....huge dropoff in quality over the last few years.....i started getting B and C engineers instead of the A guys.....Why are all the good engineers leaving? My Texas guys said Mike Shroeder just quit....???? Something is wrong at Donan.


Here is some food for thought.

1. Correct spelling of the person in which you claim does not have the correct credentials is a necessity.

Correct spelling is Sieja.

2. Your opinion is null and void without solid resources backing your statements up.


If you're not an engineer and haven't spent the money on an outstanding education your statements do not matter.

Glenn Sieja served in the United Stated Navy for 10 consecutive years in which he earned his electrical engineering license. Furthermore, after serving his country he began extensive training at the Florida Institute of Technology earning his undergraduate degree in Electrical Engineering AND an MBA in engineering from Sullivan University. Glenn's experience in serving in the United States Navy includes service on aircraft carrier USS Dwight D.

Eisenhower (Norfolk, VA), the frigate USS Blakely (Charleston, SC), and a shore facility in Little Creek, VA. Glenn was also both an engineer in nuclear and coal fired power plants for Kentucky Utilities.

While Glenn may not perform inspections as often as the LICENSED and CORRECTABLE engineers within Donan, he certainly can and will provide in great detail how damages have occurred, why, and the correct way to repair the damages. Please check the Donan website for all information on Donan's engineers credentials, opposed to angry consumers whom have be denied claims based on their insurance company's standards.

Donan is not affiliated with insurance companies, but provides their unbiased professional opinion based on engineering training and certifications.

Hence the term "unbiased" in the Donan name. Check out the Donan website at or call the corporate office 800-482-5611, to retrieve correct information instead of angry consumers biased opinions.

to Anonymous #1337794

You can't get an MBA in engineering... That's not a thing...

to Anonymous #1340992

too funny....what a bunch of idiots!!! i hear the BS from the Glenn's yes great things are....then i get the real story from their incredibly slow they are and how much workload is dwindling......Sieja will be gone soon (this isn't the first time he's screwed up a company).....great job Lyle.

to Anonymous #1340993

yeah...great school........

to Anonymous #1389570

"Donan not affliated with insurance companies, but provides their unbiased professional opinion..."


Stttooopppppp iiitttt!!!!

I can't breath I'm laughing sooo hard rooling on the ground!!!!!!

You guys are just as bad as Haag!!!!! You should be indited by the RICO act you bunch of FRAUDS!!!

I've handled 100's of claims and not once has Donan OR Haag wrote a report favoring the homeowner and documenting the TRUE damages to the buildings.

EVERY report I have EVER read only does it's best to minimize or explain off the damages to the buildings. Donan and Haag, proudly bought and paid for by Big Insurance of America!!!

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